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You may have noticed it is difficult to print my recipes from the blog.

I’ve had some requests for printer-friendly recipes, so I am uploading these as simple text files (.doc format) on popular recipes. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find the link.

If you want your favourite recipe from cookalicious to have a printer-friendly version, please make your requests here. So far, we have basic Moroccan Tagines and chocolate crispy cakes.

I’ll be adding more soon, hope they are helpful…Now there is no excuse not to try these at home…

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cookalicious recipe and photo collection Catherine Weir


1. The Mouse Psychiatrist @ Duke Forest (no kidding) - 25 July 2010

Stumbled across this website by accident… this is wonderful! As part of the “slow food” revolution, this site provides fabulous ideas for healthy and wholistic eating. Thanks!

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