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Macaroni Cheese

Cookalicious is a collection of my knowledge about ingredients (foreign and domestic), recipes (of all flavours), cooking methods, preparation, variations, how to experiment and I’ll probably also to tell you about my favourite kitchen gadgets.

Over the years, I’ve collected recipes from here, there and everywhere. I also love experimenting and adapting recipes. Recently this has mainly involved fitting my love of spicy food into my Edinburgh-based life, in the Scottish kitchen, using lots of locally sourced ingredients (wherever possible).
I intend to pass on knowledge about Thai food that I’ve learned, credit going to various people in Thailand for that, and mostly to Chaing Mai Thai Cooking School – a great place to visit if you’re ever in North Thailand with a couple of free days.

I hope to give you all the info you’ll need to shop for ingredients locally, identify exotic fruit and vegetables, know how to prepare and cook them, create a range of dishes and learn how to use substitutions when necessary.

I’m also going to share ideas for what to do with the various vegetables available in the markets throughout the seasons.

It’s not as good as hiring me as your personal cooking tutor, but this Website’s the next best thing! Hope you enjoy your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, teas, cakes and snacks.

Mmmm, that’s cookalicious!

About Me

I’m a cook, at least that is what I am when I’m in the kitchen. Cooking well is something that everyone can do – either by following recipes, such as the ones in this collection, or by experimenting – which is a lot of fun.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel and live in a few different countries around the world, and each time I’ve tried to pick up a dish or two (or three or four!).

My last stop was Thailand, a few years ago. 10 months and 1 cookery course later I admit to having developed a bit of an obsession with Thai flavours and foods. So yes, I do buy my imported Thai ingredients, but I make the most of them as a treat, and substitute local produce when it’s available.

I like to cook for others and have even given some one-to-one tuition in Thai cookery, watch this space for more.

Cookalicious Ethics

Cookalicious promotes good cooking, good shopping and good eating. It’s about cutting out the ubiquitous take-aways and the monotonous supermarket shop. Instead try switching to locally produced food and local shops for everything that you can. Check out the farmers market for a real alternative to the supermarket.

Finally, remember to buy fair-trade for everything else: banannas, oranges, coffee, tea, chocolate etc.


1. mac - 13 May 2006

mmm lovely cheese xx

2. Jim - 26 May 2006

I have now made and eaten every one of these recipes and I cannot fault any of them – yum yum fantastic well done!

3. Geoff. Felix - 28 May 2006

This looks good! Does this site belong to our dear Kath? Hope to try something soon. Best wishes, Geoff.

4. cath - 31 May 2006

thanks folks!

5. Elfie McCall - 3 February 2007

Dear Cath –

just want to drop you a short note to let you know what a wonderful web site you have. I enjoy reading your recipes and comments because they are very informative as well as friendly, understandable and easy to follow. Great job!

Continue the good work!

God bless you and have a great day,


Elfie McCall

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