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Cookalicious Musings 1 February 2009

Posted by cath in general info, Info and Cooks Notes, shopping notes.
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Was musing on excessive food packaging recently, see my other blog. It also reminded me of this comment from Tracy’s latest newsletter (Fitness with Tracy Griffen – February 2009) on the proliferation of pre-chopped vegetables and salads:

A chopping board and a knife is all you need to make carrot sticks, chopped oranges.

Yes! So get out your chopping boards people!

People can only continue to sell this stuff as long as we continue to buy it…

So the question is, are people prepared to change their habits? Can we be persuaded to use these simple skills again?

I hope so!

This year I also hope I can help some friends start their own veggie patch. I want to find out more about growing my own so that I’m prepared for when I get a garden one day! What I hope they get out of it is:

  • cost-effective, really tasty and fresh food
  • some good times outside with family and friends maybe?!
  • a sense of achievement :)
  • less trips to the supermarket
  • and a lot less packaging and waste
  • plus more material for the compost bin, yeah!

But as a gardening novice myself, we’ll have to see!