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Notes > Thai Ingredients Part 3 > Thai Aubergines 12 March 2006

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Another few notes on Thai Ingredients Information

Pea Aubergines are small, fairly bitter versions of an aubergine. They have a fairly tough skin, and burst satisfyingly in the mouth. They are are usually added to curries, especially Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Kiaw Wan). They cook quickly, and are usually added to curry for about 5 minutes to soften slightly.

pea aubergines

Pea Aubergines


Green or Apple Aubergines are larger, round varieties of aubergine, about the size of a plum. They are green and white, and are usually quartered and added to curries, especially Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Kiaw Wan). They discolour quickly, so are chopped and added immediately to the curry, and cook in 5-10 minutes when they have softened slightly.

thai aubergines

Apple Aubergines



1. Pepy - 31 August 2007

We also use these kinds of eggplant in Indonesian culinary. The pea eggplant is usually added in Sumatran culinary and we usually eat raw green eggplant with sambal terasi.

2. Chrissy Winter - 26 February 2008

Does anyone know where you can buy Pea Aubergines in the Birmingham area of England?

Many thanks!

3. cath - 29 February 2008

Hi Chrissy,
I’m sorry, I can’t help with specific shops outside of Edinburgh I’m afraid!
Try asking the shopkeepers at your local Asian food shops to see if they ever get Thai fruit and veg, or they may know other suppliers that do.
Good luck – I hope you find some…

Anyone else know a good source of Thai veg in Birmingham? – please let us know! Thanks!

4. philippa - 7 January 2009

Wing Yip chinese supermarket/cash and carry stock them. They have a website so you can find your local store and you can order online too

5. Normah - 16 January 2017

You can buy Pea Aubergine in Upton Park Market East London, you can get anything Asian food, Pea Aubergine came from Thailand, it is a lot of these Vegetables in China Town so go there too.

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