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Cookalicious is BACK! 13 July 2007

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I’ve been taking a wee break from cooking and creating recipes as I’ve had another big project on the go…my PhD thesis! But today I am back at cookalicious and I have some great new recipes to share with you all.

Whilst I’ve been mainly living on my store of homemade frozen (ready) meals and a few quick pasta sauces (and roast tomato sauces), WordPress has been tracking which of the cookalicious recipes you have been checking out.

I am happy to announce that chocolate crispy cakes are still the top recipe on the site. It seems pretty clear that you will be wanting my definitive brownie recipe – but I have to admit, I am still in the lab (kitchen) working on that one – but I hope to perfect it soon…watch this space! Update – the brownie recipe triumphantly arrives! Update 2009 – those crispy cake fans may want to check out the newest easy cake recipe: any-flavour fairy cakes.

Other popular recipes are my Thai food Green Curry, Laab, Chicken in the oven and Sweet and Sour, so I’ll be continuing to provide my favourite Thai dishes for you to try at home.

Another popular post is bread – and I’ll try and revisit that topic with more tips and alternate recipes.

Finally, I’ve had some interest in my gravy recipe, and I am keen to add a lot of Sunday roast recipes. For this I’ll be offering my tips for buying and roasting meat. But I’ll mainly be giving you some great and easy recipes for making your own condiments such as mint sauce, apple sauce and bread sauce for roast lamb, pork and chicken. Last but not least, a Yorkshire pudding recipe to go with roast beef.

Fish has so far made little impact in the cookalicious recipe collection, but for the last two months I’ve been eating a lot of it, and cooking it too. I know that some people find it a little scary to buy and cook, so I’ll be adding a lot of information, pictures, easy methods for cooking fish and ideas on what to buy. So look out for those and have a go at cooking up some fish – healthy, quick and generally easy, its cookalicious :)

Great to be back, now I’m off to write those recipes…

New Thai Shop in Bruntsfield 20 August 2006

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I spotted another shop offering fresh Thai produce, this time in Bruntsfield Place (near the fantastic Coco of Bruntsfield chocolate shop…but that’s another story…!)
Orient Thai Market (162-164 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh) has a small selection of fresh imported Thai goods (and can do special orders on request) and a wide range of canned and dried goods. There is a small Japanese section which could also be of interest.

It looks like another good place to go and pick up some fresh Thai basil leaves, galangal (ginza) and chillies. One more thing they have on offer is a recipe card and help finding the appropriate ingredients in store, and a Thai Tourism publication which has lots of information about Thai cuisine, ingredients and some recipes.

This means it’s time for me to get typing and give you all some new thai dishes to try too….