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How to make up recipes…or…Which recipe books inspire me… 23 August 2006

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The recipes featured on cookalicious are often adaptations and meals that have been inspired by food I’ve eaten in restaurants and on holidays, but sometimes I get my inspiration from my many recipe books, here are some of my favourites…but note that I often use them for ideas and can’t really follow instructions and certainly don’t stick to the proposed accompaniments very often – this is partially because my Mum always insisted on having at least three or four veggies with every meal and I have grown very fond of this style of cooking, but also because I like good sized portions and many of my friends would go home hungry if I stuck to some of the recipes in the books. Nevertheless, they are valuable idea-generators and guidance for experimentation.

So here are my most valued cookbooks:

Rick Stein Seafood – great option for those unsure of cooking with fish, loads of information, illustrations, pictures and detailed techniques for preparing and cooking fish, lots of ideas that I’ve expanded on in my fish cooking.

Larousse – excellent reference book with lots of recipes which you can easily adapt to your style of cooking – not much explanation, but great for those who want to know it all and cook it their own way.

Meat by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – full of great information and some lovely recipes – lots of illustrations.

Rose Prince: the New English Kitchen – which despite the name is still pretty interesting to read in Scotland! In this book, the recipes are based around really good principles: making the most of really good quality food and caring about how it gets to our table. Food for thought as well as for eating! Lacks pictures though…

Another indispensable text is Leith’s Cookery Bible (Leith and Waldegrave) but again is lacking illustrations of the finished dishes.

So I will strive harder to illustrate cookalicious recipes, and also to get the printable recipe cards online…

New Thai Shop in Bruntsfield 20 August 2006

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I spotted another shop offering fresh Thai produce, this time in Bruntsfield Place (near the fantastic Coco of Bruntsfield chocolate shop…but that’s another story…!)
Orient Thai Market (162-164 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh) has a small selection of fresh imported Thai goods (and can do special orders on request) and a wide range of canned and dried goods. There is a small Japanese section which could also be of interest.

It looks like another good place to go and pick up some fresh Thai basil leaves, galangal (ginza) and chillies. One more thing they have on offer is a recipe card and help finding the appropriate ingredients in store, and a Thai Tourism publication which has lots of information about Thai cuisine, ingredients and some recipes.

This means it’s time for me to get typing and give you all some new thai dishes to try too….

Fish > Herring in Oatmeal 16 August 2006

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Simple ways with fresh fish:

Herring in Oatmeal

Herring in Oatmeal

I bought some herring fillets from the market, usually we just grill them for 2-3 minutes per side in a medium-hot grill, but this time we coated them in a bit of oatmeal (pinhead), salt, pepper and a few chopped sprigs of lemon thyme. Slap them in a frying pan with left over bacon fat (or use some olive oil) and fried for 2-3 minutes each side until golden.

Here they have been served with some new potatoes (boiled with mint), fresh tomatoes, steamed runner beans and a wedge of lemon.