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Sprouting Goodness 26 January 2008

Posted by cath in easy, Info and Cooks Notes.

(no not brussel sprouts!)

I got a great present this Christmas, a germinating jar from bioSnacky®. I’ve been trying out the various mixes of sprouts they sell in Real Foods, like Alfalfa, Mung Beans, Lentils, Radish. So far, it’s worked out well!

Alfalfa grows fast and fills the jar completely, the others are growing quite slowly by the relatively cold Kitchen windowsill, but are still tasty and very easy to look after.

Get yourself a jar, or similar, and give it a try (all the details are either on the seed packets, or come with the jar). The method goes something like this: Using a tablespoon or so of seeds, rinse them well, then leave to soak for the appropriate time. Rinse and drain, then do this 2 or 3 times daily during the 3-6 days germinating time. It depends on the sprout (or mix) that you choose.

Take a look at the jar of Alfalfa I harvested on Thursday:

Alfalfa Sprouts

My hope is to be able to grow my own beansprouts for stir frying etc. With a bit more experimenting, practice and hopefully as the weather warms up, I’ll get there…so watch this space!


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