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Sandwiches 21 June 2006

Posted by cath in bread, ingredients, Recipes, vegetables.

Can a sandwich really be a recipe? well, who cares – having made some beautiful home-baked bread, what better way to enjoy it than to have some healthy sandwiches.

Beetroot sandwich

Here are my favourite fillings:

Pastrami, guacamole, salsa and Jarlseberg

Hard goats cheese (such as Brinkburn), tomato and rocket

Any cheese with tomato and basil

Cheese salad with beetroot

Roast beef (left over topside), horseradish, mayonaise, tomato and salad

Left over roast chicken, english or dijon mustard, mayonaise and salad

Left over spicy chicken, mayonaise and rocket or salad

Ham (from Pipperfield Pork at the Farmer's Market), mustard, tomato and salad

Ham, cheese and coleslaw



Substitute sunblush or sundried tomatoes in winter, but use only the freshest tomatoes in summer! Go on, make some bread, have a nice fresh sandwich with no paper or plastic cartons, no waste, nothing artificial, just pure goodness…




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